420 Yoga private and small group classes by appt.
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About Four20 Yoga

4:20 Yoga offers private and semi-private classes (by appt only) in the comfort of your home or other venue of choice. Classes are custom designed on the spot according to the needs of each student.

About Yogangsta

Featured in the New York Times, Yoga Journal, LA Weekly, Vice, and Fusion TV, among others, 4:20 yoga continues to deliver one of the deepest and most therapeutic forms of yoga to the open-minded practitioner. Best described as a slow-motion vinyasa charged with medical expertise and psychedelic metaphor,  no two classes are alike. Yogangsta is completing her Doctorate in Physical Therapy and is one of the only yoga teachers around who has also dissected a cadaver.

After 10 years of practicing yoga, Yogangsta earned her hatha yoga teacher certification in 2006 from Simplesmente Yoga in Brazil. About a later, she smoked her first joint after a weekend long asthanga workshop and yoga-d into the night while exploring the frontiers of consciousness. In 2008, Yogangsta moved to LA and began teaching Yoga privately, adding a little cannabis to class. “Suddenly, my students understood all the subtleties, and were getting the cosmic nectar out of the poses. Limitations literally went up in smoke.” Within one year of teaching private yoga in LA, she opened her own studio, slapped a class on the schedule at 4:20, and a yoga star was born!

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