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Bling out your poses!

Yogis say “mountain pose is in every pose” because it is the essential foundation of any standing pose, or stance. Mountain pose is our skeletal default.

Now that I’ve got my foundation, I’m ready to add bling! Star pose is now my guiding light for many other standing poses, including warrior 1. In star pose, the “poser” stands with their legs and arms stretched out, like the open half of a jumping jack. Beyond the shape of the pose, how can the body incorporate the energy of the name? To be a star means to radiate outward in all directions from your center. Searching for the center of the pose is something that should be felt out, asking the question, where is all this connected? Where do I sense the point of convergence of lower body (earth) and upper body (cosmic) energy mingling? How can I feed this center with energies from all directions? How far can I shine it back out? There is a finite scanning of the body that happens here as we feel the lines coming from that center and radiating through our furthest extremities and beyond.

If you’re ready to get crunk in dis bitch, surpass the skin with the energy of star pose. Can you un-contain yourself? Can you allow a feeling of delight to birghten every corner of your temple? Can you shine beyond your space into outer space? When we practice this way, we can illuminate ourselves and the energy in the room to bling it out! People will feel it.

This variation of Warrior 1 was inspired by Urban Light at LACMA. Variation here is an understatement because I really took this pose and jacked with it, adding platform shoes, a savory back bend, and removing the walls. When we practice in an outdoor venue, the light we shine has to be much brighter than it would in a closed room. This is the way I interpret the Hatha Yoga Pradipika’s infamous assertion that Yogis should practice inside a mud hut with no windows. It’s easier to fill in a closed space with our energy. One you’re in an open space, you have to create your own bubble, jack-ass proof it, and fill it with your own energy so that you can feel the next move despite potential heckling. There are many haters out there, who just don’t like to see free people, (much less yogangstas) enjoying themselves about town, when they’re still being held back by just about every societal norm imaginable. Honestly, while haters are beating themselves up over the nachos they ate at lunch, the last thing they want to see is a yogangsta climbing on the installation in a leotard. So gotta work in that bullet proof bubble and just blind em with your light!

At this shoot, other happy coincidences fell into place, such as the photographer’s choice to back light the shot and blink his shutter the second my back arced around the light. Bring star to all your poses for a blingin’ practice. Be open to feel that burst of creativity as your heart calls for the next pose. Go ahead and throw some D’s on that bitch!

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