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Why “Kiss” is on my playlist

I love to teach to new agey/ nature vibes as much as the next yogi, but Prince reigns at the build and climax (how appropo) of many a playlist. It’s uncanny the way the right Prince track can set certain poses on fire. And as a Prince fan, I pay tribute to such a revolutionary artist with my art form: asana. Here is a partial list of some of my Prince and pose pairings – try a whole flight at the next 420 Yoga Remedy Class!

Core work to “Let’s Work” “Common baby, let’s work.”
Star Pose and Warrior Flows to “Baby, I’m a Star.” “Everybody say, nothin come too easy, but when you got it (y0ga, or course) baby, nothing come too hard.”
Tadasana to “Mountains.” Tadasana or Mountain Pose, beleive it or not, can be THE class climax when I’m teaching posture and other standing poses. Yogis say mountain pose is the foundation of all other standing poses. Mountain pose:”There’s nothing greater, than you and me.”
Free Form to “Controversy” – Nothing like that slow steady build to the climax -”I wish there were no black and white, I wish there were no rules.” Amen. Speaking of controversy, click here to read my article about the John Friend scandal.
Tree pose to “Kiss” People find familiar tunes comforting, which is the key to balance poses, if you ask me, finding comfort. I usually ask people to express themselves and customize their tree. Besides, “You don’t have to watch Dynasty, to have an attitude.”
Tear Drop to “17 Days” – “Let the rain come down, down.” Sometimes heart openers can make us a little sad, but we when we shed our tears freely, we can keep rising.
Inversions to “Let’s Go Crazy,” “Are we gonna let [gravity] bring us down? Oh, no, let’s go!”
Pelvic Floor work to “P*ssy Control” – if the shoe fits….
Sun Salutaions to “Joy in Repetition” – renews your intention!

A great way to top off this experience, (perhaps during your private practice if you’re the shy type), is to actually vocalize and try to hit some of those purple notes.

Just like hummming the spine can be another way to access your spine and it’s current of energy, some of those Prince screams can do wonders for clearing the fifth chakra, but that’s an entire doctoral statement I’m currently trying to condense to blog. Forthcoming…ow!

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